We become greater, when we rise together.

As the phoenix rises from the ashes, our mission is to provide fuel for greatness.

Our Mission

FNX is committed to creating innovative supplements of the highest quality that provide focus for a productive morning, energy to thrive all day, performance supplements to reach new goals, unique sleep and recovery formulas to support any sport, and healthy supplements to support an active lifestyle for years to come.

Our Cause

663 Million people live without clean water (nearly 1 in 10 people), we want to change that. Every time a purchase is made at, a child in need receives one gallon of clean water thanks to our partners.

To date we’ve donated over 350,097 gallons of clean drinking water. Thank you for being part of the LiVE program with us.


 FNX stands for Phoenix (Fenix), the Greek mythological creature that burns in flames but is reborn from the ashes. Likewise, we would like each of you to commit to live in victory everyday – be reborn every year, every month, and every day. Be reminded of that commitment every time you see FNX or take an FNX supplement.